Friday, September 17, 2010

Online advertising for all - the power of Pay Per Click

In many ways, Pay per click advertising have given power to small business. Small businesses all over the world now has a reasonable chance of making potential clients aware of their services and at same time compete with more established ventures. You don't need a six figure advertising budget to promote your goods, Google will allow you advertise your website to millions of web users for a manageable amounts of money that you can predetermine to ensure you are not out of pocket. Add to this the fact the process allows you to measure every cent spend on online marketing and you understand just why business owners everywhere are using most of their marketing spend on google pay per click.

When it comes to PPC advertising solutions, Google AdWords is pretty much king. But since Google’s king of search engines, that’s really no surprise. Customers search Google more than any other search engine.

A recent study comparing AdWords to Yahoo Search Marketing noted that it’s often 50 percent cheaper to bid on keywords with AdWords. So not only is Adwords based on the most used search engine, but it also tends to be cheaper. That doesn’t mean you should only consider using AdWords. Using both Search Marketing and AdWords can be a good strategy. But if you’re operating on a small marketing budget, AdWords could help save some money.

PPC is designed to create traffic, but of course, like any advertising strategy it does have limitations. PPC can sometimes fail to bring business to companies competing with larger corporations. In other instances, you’ll fail to reach a receptive audience. Many searchers choose not to click on the paid search results, believing the organic results are going to be more relevant. And sometimes, you just can’t compete with the main keywords of your niche because the cost per click will simply be too expensive.

However, PPC advertising has many advantages over other internet advertising programs. Here are some key advantages to using PPC.

Shoestring Budget
It is possible to start a PPC campaign with a just a few bucks. With an endless supply of keywords and keyword phrases, you can generally build a localized or very niche, long-tail keyword campaign on a small budget. You might get fewer impressions, but when you do win the click you have a better chance of actually being what the search is looking for. Of course, if you’re looking to go after more generalized or popular keywords just as “books for sale” or “movie sales,” to compete you’ll need a much bigger budget.

If you want to build a brand, you need to market not only your services or products, but also your company. PPC is one of the best tools for getting your company name noticed. With PPC, your company name and ad will display at the top of the search engine when potential buyers search your keywords. Even if buyers don’t click on your ad, they are still seeing it, giving you free exposure.

Page Domination
Like I stated earlier, a lot of people choose not to click on the sponsored search results because they believe the organic to be more relevant. Well the opposite is true for another subset of searchers. Therefore, one of the best strategies for PPC advertising is to use it in conjunction with search engine optimization. This can give your website the potential to show up in the sponsored and organic search results, allowing you to dominate the search results and show that you are the true expert in your industry.

You may have never considered it, but in a way Pay-Per-Click and branding actually do go hand in hand. But with the amount of exposure search engines offer, it’s really quite simple. Your buyers are using them to find you, why not make it easier. A well executed PPC campaign can get you brand exposure, help you build your brand identity, establish you as an expert in your field and direct traffic to your website.

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